Where can I buy the table?

Our Online shop will be available soon (work in progress!). In the meantime you can order a table via mail:



The final price for the small table is € 190.00, printed with a standard pattern from our range.

The final price for the large table is € 220.00, printed with a standard pattern from our range.

The indicated price is a final price plus shipping costs. According to § 19 UStG we do not charge sales tax and consequently do not need to indicate this on our website.


MOTIF series: kreise

One is talking about concentric circles when several circles have the same centre, but different radii. Concentric circles are some of the oldest ornaments ever, tracked down by humans. This motif creates a dynamic focus on one point - the interior, the important and significant part.


Kreise 01

Kreise 02

Kreise 03

Kreise 04

Kreise 05

Kreise 06

Kreise 07

MOTIf series: sixties

Beautiful, artistically designed biscuit boxes from the 60s inspired this motif series. Sweet memories ...


Sixties 01

Sixties 02

Sixties 03

Sixties 04

MOTIf series: varia

Geometric shapes, graphic patterns and distinct colour areas - thus a table becomes an extravagant view. Lines, circles, triangles and rectangles are basic geometric shapes - uncomplicated but nevertheless impressing.


Varia 01

Varia 02

Varia 03

Varia 04

Varia 05

MOTIF series: zickzack

Zig-zag patterns are a combination of lines and triangles. They express dynamic movements, are simple but impressive at the same time.


ZickZack 01

ZickZack 02




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